What Is A Taoist Funeral Like?


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Taoist funerals take place in funeral parlors for example in Hong Kong, there is a six storey parlor. The hotel has rooms that are designed like chapels so that each room can accommodate people in it. In one of these chapels, the funeral takes place and the photograph of the deceased is hanged on the far corner of the wall. The dead body is also there in an adjoining room while there is also a withdrawing room for the family. Everyone goes into the room to pay their regards to the deceased. In front of the picture is a bowl full of incense stick that the mourners bring and they also bring gifts made out of paper for the departed so that the he can take them to the other side. The entire hall is decorated in white and red colors. There is a table full of fruits that the mourners bring and attach their good wishes messages to them. The mourners wear white short robes over their clothes and a white band on their heads. They also have a black square cloth pinned to their robes. The priests wear yellow robes and chant hymns. Then all the gifts are taken and burnt in a big furnace. The next day, the body is put in a coffin and taken to a crematorium. Then the body is cremated along with the picture and fruits.

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