Do you think it's right that Margaret Thatcher is receiving a publicly-funded funeral?


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I think in the current climate, with the economy in such a fragile state it was not fair to spend the tax payers money on her funeral.

I just want to say that I am not disrespecting her or what an important role Margaret Thatcher had on our lives today, she really was a very important person.  I just think that at the moment the money could have been spent on wiser things.

Unfortunately I have lost all confidence in the government, not just the conservatives but all the politicians.  All I seem to see is broken promises from every prime minister, bickering between the parties, pointing fingers and the tax payer loosing out.

Plus I find that when they are explaining something, they use such long complicated words that half the time I am guessing at what they are trying to say.  Potentially mis-understanding the point they are trying to make.

I would not like to be Prime Minister, I couldn't even start to imagine the pressure that you must undertake to do this role.  I am sure that there is lots of things which the tax payer never hears of, they have to deal with it immediately which could be a matter of life and death.  I really would not enjoy that job and I have total respect for everyone who has done it and everyone who aspires to be Prime Minister.

Though, I think it would be refreshing to actually have an honest Prime Minister, who just laid everything out on the table and said 'right this is the amount we have to spend, this is how we have split it up and why, we have tried to be fair to everyone.'  Using simple terms so everyone understands the thinking behind it.  I am not naive and understand that no matter how you spilt up the budget, there will always be people complaining as it has not benefited them as much as others.  However, honesty to me is the best way, even if they say 'we are raising everyones council tax by £1 per month this money will go straight into our debt and therefore after 1 year it will have reduced by £X.'  At least that will give us a reason for the increase and show you the intended outcome.  It will be their job to ensure that it stays on target and to produce the figures at the end of the year confirming the success of the scheme.

It just makes me so angry when I hear that tax payers money has paid for things like this or when they donated £16 million to Comic Relief to help people in Africa.  I thought I must of mis-heard that as no one I knew seemed bothered, but I think it was a bit cheeky considering the amount of homelessness  and help we need in this country, the Government stressed the £16 Million had to help Africa.

Now I could go on and on about this but I don't think you want me to rant anymore.  What are your views?

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I agree with you. I don't think we should pay for her funeral, after all being Prime Minister is just a job. There should be no other benefits after you've left the position.

In regards to international aid, this is normally agreed upon in international treaties for which we have to adhere too. I don't have a problem with £16 million going to Africa, we exploit the resources of Africa enough and it's our duty to help out fellow human beings. Furthermore we could easily afford to pay this if we made big corporations actually pay the tax they're supposed too.

In my opinion the distribution of wealth in this country is utterly criminal, and Thatcher's funeral is one of the finest examples of this.
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Here, here! (as they would say)

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