What Are The Pros And Cons About Public Opinion?


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Public opinion gives a random idea of the views about the individuals as a whole. The advantages of public polls are that we can get the overall picture of how much individuals agree or disagree with a certain fact. The overall percentage shows the trend whether the implementation of certain idea would result in favorable outcome or not. The public opinions from the website make no distinction about the individuals whether they are male or females or belong to which age group. This can serve as disadvantage as we cannot identify the segments who have presented their views. We cannot make sure that the individuals participating in such polls present the biased or unbiased views. Another disadvantage could be that we cannot exactly find out the reasons for agreement or disagreement by the individuals participating in the public opinion.
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Well public opinion has many cons. One is that it only measures a small amount of a big population to get answers for a poll. People who conduct phone call polls only need a certain amount to make their calculations, but it affects the accuracy. Public opinion polls are often plagued with tricky wording, which can depend on who is responsible for the polling.

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