What Happens At The End Of Death Note?


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Hmm... I don't want to spoil the ending for you because it was good... But since you asked, il answer you anyway.

In the end, Light Yagami dies. If you are in the first 5 or 10 episodes, you will probably know who Misa and L are... Well, Light outsmarts L, and uses Rem, another Shinigami to kill him. But just when Light thought Kira will rule the world forever, L's succesors, Near and Mello appears. They are from the same orphanage where L is from. Near and Mello, however, do not get along. So Mello becomes the leader of the mafia and try to locate Kira and show the world that he can beat Near. Near creates an organization called SPK in America. After all those events, Mello dies, but gives Near a very important clue by doing so. This clue changed everything. Light could've won if Mello hadn't informed Near that he was forgetting something. Well, they meet at a factory or a storage cabin or something. There, things happen and Matsuda shoots Light with his gun. Light mangaes to escape, but badly wounded. Light dies all alone in another empty storage cabin. Misa commit suicides when she hears the news Light died. But Light didn't die because of the injuries- Ryuk kills him with his Death Note. Because from the beginning, Ryuk said "I'm going to kill you in the end"

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