Can You Give Two Reasons Why Culture Is Important To An Individual?


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Culture is defined as the patterns of human activity. It is the system of symbols and arts, beliefs, institutions etc which are passed from one generation to another. It is the way of life and shapes our manners, dressing, language, religion, rituals, behaviors etc.

Culture is important for individuals because:

- It provides a sense of belonging to the individual. When a person acts or dresses in the same way as the rest of his people, he does not feel out of place and can communicate with the rest very easily.

- It is something he or she would pass on to his next generation. In a sense it is the legacy of that individual which forms the culture of the next generation.
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is very important aspect for us ,that shows the knowledge, belief,
art, morals, law, custom, and any other
capabilities and habits that is acquired by a man from our society.

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It is the shape of one nation which is representative the country

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