Can You Give Five Reasons Why Laws Are Important In Any Society?


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Laws and Rules are extremely necessary in a society. This is because laws and rules define what is right and what is wrong. These rules and laws protect and also endorse the rights of individuals.

In a place where there are no laws or rules, people tend to take the rights of other people. This is because humans are greedy by nature. And their greed compels them to take what is not there.

So, for smooth running of the society, rules and laws are essential.
Rules and Laws are necessary in Society for the following reasons:

  1. Utter chaos would prevail if no rules or laws were enacted.

  2. People would steal from others if there was no law

  3. There would be no morality left anyone would do as they pleased

  4. Justice would not be there, the mightiest would subjugate the weak sections of society

  5. Children, women would be ill treated and there would be no one to look after them

  6. The Institution of marriage would crumble and there would be confusion

  7. With no laws and regulations there would be chaos in business

  8. The law of the jungle would prevail, which is survival of the fittest and the weaker and poorer people would suffer.

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To keep people and society in order. Otherwise, you have anarchy, which is bad (people doing anything and everything they want even if it hurts or kills other people or the earth).
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To maintain peace,order,give people direction in life without the law imagine society,there would be no way to control crime we would be living as they did in what we know as the wild wild west,people would take the law into their own hands.....think about the laws,rules etc. In your home imagine what it would be like if there were no standards or rules set in your home....good luck
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In short, to protect the quality and integrity of the life you.  To protect your dreams, aspirations.  To protect society and allow the continued improvement of the Continental United States of America, the Greatest County on Earth
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Laws and Rules are necessary in a society because if there was no rules and laws everything and every one would go crazy there would be fights and more gangs then these gangs now, but there would be more. People would get away from killing, and everything else.

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