Did The Laws Of The Weimar Republic Help Or Hinder Its Ability To Deal With Its Problems?


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The Weimar Republic controlled the defeated Germany since 1919 to 1933 till it was replaced by Hitler's Third Reich in March, 1933.There were no democratic trends in German Politics .In addition to that laws in Weimar Republic hindered it's performance and perhaps caused it's downfall. In this regard the constitution of 1919 was a controversial one. The Reich president' s post was created in place of Reich Kaiser, who flew away in 1918.The Reich president was elected directly and was perhaps created to diminish the influence of party politics in Reich stag.

One of the articles of constitution provided that any party having even a small support could enter in Reichstag. As a result of that provision, many groups upholding different thoughts entered in Reichstag but having no majority, no party was able to form a government. As we saw in elections in July 1932.Secondly, the article 48 was a controversial one. Using this article, The Reich Prasident could impose laws in the country without the consent of the Parliament. The Reichstag could remove the Reich Kanzler with a no confidence move. Another thing was the law provided that the Reich Kanzler could assume both the offices incase the Reich Prasident dies or resigns. This paved the way for dictatorship in the Republic in the form of Hitler's government, who eventually abolished the Republic.

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