What It Disadvantage Of Presidential Form Of Government?


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I guess that the main disadvantage to presidential form of government, is that even though, a law is passed, with the majority vote, the President can vito the decision making it null and void.  In other words, even if everybody wants something and the president is opposed, he can stop it
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A presidential system is a system of government where an executive branch exists and presides separately from the legislature, to which it is not accountable and which cannot, in normal circumstances, dismiss it.
Through making more than one electoral choice, voters in a presidential system can more accurately indicate their policy preferences.It is also stated that the direct mandate of a president makes him or her more accountable
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Impeachment is almost impossible...
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I guess it would be that the president can veto what the people want and its kinda not fair when its something we need
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The last eight years are a great example of the disadvantages of a Presidential government! You end up with a moron like G.W. Bush

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