What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Presidential Government?


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Some of the major disadvantages and criticisms of Presidential form of government are as follows :

1) May fall prey to authoritarianism, unless it is applied on a single ethnic community it always runs a risk of vesting all the authority in the president which may lead to tyranny.
2) The separation of powers in the presidential form of governance indicates a limited level of accountability and the legislature and executive end up blaming each other.
3) Limited accountability, both for the president and the legislature.
4) It impedes any positive leadership change as it is entirely reliant on timely elections and cannot by any means dismiss an elected official before his time should the need arise.

However, the major advantage of a presidential form of government is that it ensures a united collective and is not impeded by the collective's indecisive natures. Authority vested in one hand leads to better stability and prevents greater strife. With time the system evolves enough to sate the dissenting voices by making them heard through the legislature and also indicates a limited interference by the executive and legislature in each other's affairs.
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Some advantages of a presidential system include:

    • The president is elected directly by the people, which means that he has more credibility than a leader who is elected indirectly.

    • The system is considered to be more transparent because the presidential system and the legislature monitor each other’s actions and there are lesser chances of abuse of power.

    • Decision making is speeded up and increases the efficiency of the system.

    • The presidential system is more stable as the president can not be removed like a prime minister and there are more chances that he will complete his term.

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1:it secures stable government
2:it ensures continuity of policy
3:it ensures certainty of policy
4:it can avail of the services of the experts and is free from party spirit
6:separation of powers
7:popular government
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Advantages and disadvantages of the presidential?
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Allows the people to directly elect a president as well as their representatives.  However anything the pres doesn't want can be vetoed

there are a lot of rumors that the elections are rigged.
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Presidential system is also called a congressional system. It is a system of government where the executive branch presides supports from the legislative. There are various characteristics of a presidential system of government. One of them is that the president is both the head of state and the government and has a fixed term of office.
There are a number of differences between parliamentary and presidential system and they have their own disadvantages and advantages. Some of the government officials are pursuing for presidential to parliament and others are contented.
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Presidential system of government in nigeria's political life and its advantages and disadvantages of the presidential system of government.
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Birth of democracy.

Emanation of civil rights.

Suspension of cruel forms.

Development and economic reforms
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I agree with the answers at the top...the other guest is correct...figure it out and think a little bit and everything will go with the flo
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The last eight years are a great example of the disadvantages of a Presidential government!

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