What Do Asians Hate? All I Know Is....the Number Four, Americans, Milk, Spoons And Forks, Heavy Metal (passably). What Else?


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Stephen logan Profile
Stephen logan answered
You know what...I don't know what else...but the metal thing came up with a new friend here...caught me off guard a bit. You have to tell me about milk, spoons and forks.LOL! Now I won't be able to stop thinking about this Ha Ha! Shoot me a friend request if you want and leave me a shout. And the name is Stephen.

Silver Storm Profile
Silver Storm answered

Okay... WTF is this??!?! This is such a racist question! Another thing Asians hate: People that ask these questions.

Charles Davis Profile
Charles Davis answered

Pretty much the same thing every other peoples do, Stupid questions and idiotic ideals.

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