How Do I Find The Number Of Houses In A Street?


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"The Royal Mail offers a database for houses in a street. It is the most extensive and up-to-date source there is. The database is available to anyone, although there is a cost. The database can be found on the Royal Mail website. It includes more than 28 million addresses. With this database it is possible to view the amount of houses on a street and also get more detailed information on house numbers or names and perhaps the name of the occupant.

Another good way to find this information is through polling information during elections. Local governments will compile lists of street names and how many houses there are on these streets. This is useful for political parties campaigning and personal polling as it can give them a clear idea of the distribution of people within a town or city. This information is often readily available on the Internet if a city name is typed in with amount of houses. If not, then contacting your local MP may be another way round this problem.

     A local council would also keep information on the streets in the town or city and how many houses there are on each street. They would often be willing to help if they are able. It may be worthwhile visiting the Citizens' Advice Bureau in your town or city as they may be able to provide you with this information. If they cannot help they should be able to point you to people who could assist you. One other suggestion is speaking to businesses that make deliveries to houses as they may have lists compiled of this information.

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