Why Were Towns And Cities In The 19th Century So Unhealthy?


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Cities in the 1800's were in very poor condition and were very unhealthy places to live in. There were a lot of reasons for the bad conditions……
• All the big cities were hugely crowded this is because there were so many people for such a small space. This si also because of the industrial revolution. People started to move into the towns and cities to find jobs so the cities and towns got to overcrowded. It got really out of control and this is where major problems began. London was not ready for this huge amount of people so all they could do is let the city over crowd. Houses were built really roughly and quickly because there were no regulations or rules so they built them how they wanted. Back to back houses were the only type of house you could find other than the odd bigger 4 roomed house for the families with a lot of children.
Most houses had 3 or 4 rooms no toilets and a sewer running
down there road. The houses were very crammed and they
Tried to cram as many people as they could into one house to try
and clear some space. All household rubbish was thrown
Out of the window and onto the streets. This happened because
People did not have toilets or other places to dispose of after
going to the toilet or throwing rubbish away. There were also no
councils to tell people to clear away the rubbish or to organise a rota. No dustbin
People or toilet collectors, just the streets. Streets like this were perfect places for
Rats and diseases.
More than 32,000 people died of cholera which was the main disease back then.
Cholera is a disease which is caused from people eating food or drinking drinks
Which are dirty and not clean? Most people in London got this disease because all
The water was polluted and dirty. Now cholera is easy to treat, but back then them
Had no services to do this or the right medication.
A lot more were then killed by an outbreak of smallpox, typhus and dysentery.
Cities were really dull because of pollution and huge buildings like factories, bridges
and chimneys. A thick layer of black smoke often covered the streets like a blanket.
Most of this came from factories which used steam to power their machines.
So many of the families had no money so could not buy water or food or could
afford houses, so there were lots of families on streets and child workers working
hours, and hours a day and were poorly payed. Parents could not stop this
happening because there were no rules so the parent could not stop their child
Going off to work in the morning. Now a days the council play a bit part in our lives they keep our community clean and make sure we are all happy this was linked to why they had so unhealthy cities because they had no council. There were so many diseases it was UN true. Bad, dirty water was one of the main reasons made London that much more unhealthy people lived in poor conditions they could not afford the water or had to walk miles to get it. The food was very simple and only the richer people got proper meals. Poorer families had to live off old stale bread and horrible water. Cities were so unhealthy.
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Thanx but make it look like someone would like 2 read it because it does not look interesting 2 read
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They hadn't invented a proper way to dispose of wastes like water treatment centers
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It helped me understand why cities were so unhealthy
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It's interesting because it has helped me to do my homework
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The towns were so unhealthy because when people done there business it was in a bucket and so they had 2 though it out of a window than unfortuantley land on someone

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