What Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Public, Private And Voluntary Sector Facilities?


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The basic advantage of public facilities is that the tax paid by the people is used in developing facilities for the people who paid the taxes. It is the government, also called the public sector that develops infrastructure like highways etc because they have huge construction costs and lesser return (toll tax).another advantage is that public facilities can be equally used by all, rich or poor, and in this way tries to reduce some of the differences. Its disadvantage is basically that the government has to spend a lot to maintain these facilities. Private sector facilities provide us with added facilities while the government facilities are just basic ones, they give us more options. When private sector invests in developing facilities then the money is brought to some use and results in income for the builder and convenience for people. Its main disadvantage is that it is competition for the government facilities. Then the advantage volunteer facilities are that they cater to that segment of the society that is underprivileged and can not use the private or public sector facilities. They are not for profit organizations and I do not think that they have any disadvantages.
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The answer to this question would have to be that if you give money to a voluntary sector sometimes not all of it goes to the charity because of tax. Also the voluntary sector is a non profit organization.
So there it is a detailed answer to fantastic question! :)

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