How Did Kenya Africa Get Its Name?


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Kenya in Africa was named after the mountain of Mount Kenya - the second largest mountain in Africa with the first being Kilimanjaro. There are several slightly different stories as to how the name Kenya came about; one being that the name was given by the people of Kikuyu who lived around the mountain at the time. Although the mountain is now known as Mount Kenya, the Kikuyu people used to refer to it as Kirinyaga or Kerenyaga meaning 'Mountain of Whiteness' - whiteness being the snow on the tip of the mountains. When the Europeans visited, it is said they had difficulty in pronouncing the word Kirinyaga or Kerenyaga, so referred to is as a much easier 'Kenya' and since, the name has stuck.
Another story goes onto say that  back in 1849, Reverand Krapf visited the country and was told that the name of the mountain was 'Kiima Ki-nyaa', which literally means Mountain of the Ostrich - it is said that the reason for this name is that the white snow resembles an Ostrich's white feathers.
Whichever story is correct it is safe to say Mount Kenya played a huge part in giving Kenya its name. The mountain itself is part of a long Kenyan history and is a stratovolcano. It was created some three million years ago and is now home to a number of large ethnic groups such as K_k_y_, Embu and Ameru, who all consider the mountain to be a huge part of their lives and culture. In fact, many people that live local to the mountain believe it to be 'God's resting place', so ensured that their front doors faced the mountain when it came to building their homes.
With its number of different stories, the history of the name 'Kenya' is definitely an interesting one.
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Someone asked someone else "What is a good name for a country.  I am going to name this land."

The other person replied by asking "Can ya?".....


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Well, it get its name by the mountains in Kenya.

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