Why Did King Charles I Of England Get Beheaded?


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King Charles I was tried, convicted and beheaded for High Treason against English Parliament after his defeat in England's Civil War.  After his defeat in the First Civil War,  Charles refused to conform to a Constitutional Monarchy and tried to form an alliance with Scottland and flee to the Isle of Wight, prevolking a Second Civil War resulting in a second defeat for Charles and his trial.
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King Charles I was said to have committed treason, which everyone in the court believed, which soon led to a very painful death on the chopping block.
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In common language, King Charles l was not a interesting person and he married to

Henrietta Maria, who is a Roman Catholic. His courtiers were not happy with this marriage. The parliament is his opponent. There held a Civil War in which Lord Cromwell, defeated King Charles many times. When King Charles tried his last attempt he failed and was beheaded.

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