Where petroleum is found in india discribe in political map of india?


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Petroleum can be found in a number of areas in India, including the following: Raigad, Jamnagar, Bhilwara and Patna. In these locations there are significant crude oil reserves, which can be exploited to produce and use petroleum.

Most of the world's oil reserves are now located in Saudi Arabia and Canada. Oil is vital to the functioning of the modern world, but presents a major problem for future generations: It is likely to run out in around fifty years. There is no way to produce petroleum; the fossil fuel forms via natural processes which take millennia. For this reason, the world must develop ways to manage with much less oil. Eventually, it must learn to function without this use of oil at all. Many believe that when the oil runs out, World War Three will take place as countries fight over remaining oil supplies.

  • What is petroleum?
Petroleum, or crude oil as it is commonly known, is a naturally occurring substance often found deep underground. It is essentially a mixture of hydrocarbons with varying molecular structures. Other liquid compounds also feature in the mixture. Upon extraction from the ground (which takes place via the process of oil drilling) petroleum can be heated to separate it into various components such as petrol, asphalt and chemical reagents used to produce plastics. Petroleum is used in a vast number of industrial applications.

  • Petrol
Petrol is probably the most well known product originating from petroleum. It is, of course, used to fuel cars and other motor vehicles. With the decline in the amount of petroleum left in reserves, the past years have seen sharp increases in the price of petrol as supply becomes more limited. In the future, there is hope that vehicles will be produced that do not require petrol to operate.

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