What will bring good luck on a birthday?


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Only thing I know of is blowing out the last, extra candle put on your cake will bring you good luck. I always put that extra "good luck" candle on all my kids, family n' friends birthday cakes.
Other than that....Anything considered good luck that you see or have on your birthday should do it too. (such as that falling/shooting star)
Don't think anything in particular has brought me good luck thus far.....But I've sure avoided a lot of bad luck, so I guess that counts.
Lately tho...I seem to be having a lot of that old bad luck. Hope it ends soon.....because I'm not used to this.
Maybe it's because nobody has put that extra "good luck" candle on my birthday cake in a long while ?
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Jack Mahon answered
I received my good luck on my last birthday. That I was here for this one, healthy enough to blow out the candles, and have my reason for living, my wife at my side.
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William Harkin answered
A huge, lovely wrapped parcel, with my name on it.
To be serious.Having family,and friends,wishing me well.Especially having my "Sweetness" at my side, holding me up
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Candles, kisses, icing on the nose, fortune cookies, crown or hat, wearing new clothes, table taps for each year - everyone taps on the table, lucky money in red envelops.
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Just having a birthday is good luck (as a result of good health).  Not having a birthday is a very bad omen; you would be looking at the wrong side of the grass.  On a serious note - having all your loved ones together to celebrate is gift enough for me and is sure to bring good luck on that one day.
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I Always Buy Those Chinese  Fortune Cookies And  Read Them. I  Have A Lucky Pig In My Car.. I Got It For My 40th Birthday I Was In A 5 Car Pile Up 5 Months Later And Somehow I Avoided Being Mashed Up.. It's Always In My Car Now
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Well, I always heard that when you wish on your candles, if you don't tell anyone your wish, it'll come true.  Don't really know if that counts as good luck ^.^
What I've always done is, on my birthday, I go outside at night and watch the stars to see if I see any fall.  I think that falling stars are a sign of good luck, and my wishes usually come true.  =)
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Doing some good deeds can bring good luck on a birthday.
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You mean R.A.K.'S.random acts of kindness.
Ady Mat
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It's like serving someone in real need etc. Selflessly.
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You mean to bless you.one more swat on the rear end than you are old.:)
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I would hate to be the one swatting someone who is a hundred years old.i think their arm would fall off before they were done. : )
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Not having your birthday on a state test day, April 1st, or on Friday the 13th
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Actually,nothing. People just know what you want so you just sometimes get "good luck".

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