I Am Looking For The Song That Goes.I've Been Invited For Christmas As A Turkey I Am Blessed. Does Anyone Know Who Sings It And What The Proper Name Is?Can Anyone Help?


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Hello.  Dale here.  The turkey himself.  Seems like a lot of people are looking for this song.  I released it in 1985, on 45 rpm single, to select radio stations (the ones taking my ten hour Christmas special.  You can hear an excerpt of it here:

I'm hoping to get it on iTunes or some sort of download site for a very small fee.
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Hi Dale,...Wondering if you were successful in getting the "Turkey" song on a download site? My absolute all time favorite Christmas song since the first time I heard it! It's the most requested song at Christmas time on our local radio station.
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From the research I've done on this song, it seems as though there are quite a few people who are having trouble finding the proper name and artist! There is a discussion about the song at this link: forum.canucks.com. Someone on there mentions that the artist is Dale Baglo, and there are a few links on there to other sites that may help you find the name of the song.

Hope this helps!

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