What Is Chakri Day In Thailand?


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Chakri Day in Thailand is celebrated on the April 6th. It is the anniversary of the founding of Thailand's Chakri Dynasty. Presently it is the King Bhumipol who is ninth ruling monarch from this dynasty. It is a national holiday in the country and is celebrated in much fanfare, especially in Bangkok city. This is because it was also the day on which it was declared as the capital of Thailand in the year 1782.

The King who is accompanied by the members of the royal family engages in a religious ceremony so as to pay respects to the former rules of the country. Respects are also paid to the entire dynasty at the Royal Pantheon and the statue of the King Rama I, who was the 1st Chakri King, is worshipped among much celebration. The government officials, ministers et al also join in at this point in the ceremony.

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