What Are Some Beliefs Of Thailand People In Their Eating Habits?


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Sometimes some beliefs are that you cannot not eat a certain animal or because the meaning of the animal will get the spirit of the person who's eating it sick. It just all depends on the situations. It's not really about all the people in that culture, it's just some. There are Thai people but many different clan/village. So different clans will have a little different belief. I am not Thai but Hmong, so it's close enough. Hmong generates from China, Laos and Thailand. We are almost the same in some ways and different ways.
I'm not sure but correct me if I'm wrong. I think was it Pakistan cannot eat beef unless if it's blessed. One of the India culture do not eat beef period because they believe cows are Gods or part of God. If you're talking culture wise and confuse why some say they do and some say they don't. It's because different clans different beliefs.

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