What Did People Say About President Roosevelt Beliefs?


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President Theodore Roosevelt was considered a champion of the masses and hailed as man with strong morally upright character. He was known as an activist and took an active stance against trust-buster corporations and malpractices in the corporate sector. He was an extremely well-read person and several of his quotations are often quoted by leaders of different nations of the world. In short he was considered a man of action and principles.
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, scared those in power by broadening the Presidents powers immensely. His handling of the Country during the depression, taking authority and interpreting his rights to act during this time brought us out of the depression and won us the war. He served more terms as President than any other and laws limiting the number of terms one president could serve were enacted in his wake. He had more power than any other president. He closed down banks, created many Works programs to give meaningful work to the masses of unemployed. He rose the standards of living for the working farm migrant labor, built dams, shored up the plummetting economy, and had broad influence over corporate America, which they did not like. They said he had almost tyrannical powers over the Nation, which he just 'took' control of. If not for Roosevelt and the Hardy Brits, we would be speaking Japanese or Russian. His wife Eleanor also really began the civil rights movement.

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