What Happened In The First 100 Days Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Presidency?


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The first 100 days of the Presidency occurred between 4th March-16th June 1933. Franklin Delano Roosevelt used emergency powers to tackle the most urgent of America's problems. These included the Emergency banking act-to restore confidence in the banking system, the Economy Act, which cut the pay of Government workers, the Beer act, which was to bring Prohibition to an end, the CCC- which provided work for the young unemployed, FERA which gave money to the hungry and homeless, the AAA, which help the farmers, the TVA which brought prosperity to a very poor area, HOLC which helped with mortgages and the PWA, which created jobs for the unemployed.

During the 100 days, Roosevelt explained his policies to the American people via a radio programme. They became known as the Fire Side Chats. These announcements were said to reassured people. It gave them confidence and the co-operation with his New Deal schemes.

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