How Franklin Delano Roosevelt Attempt To Create Jobs?


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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president of the United States in 1932 during the Great Depression. He brought in a number of measures to combat the depression which affected all Americans in some way.

To attempt to create new jobs, Roosavelt established public works schemes. There were two main agencies to create jobs in this sector, the Public Works Administration and the Works Propers Administration.'

The Public works Administration was led by Harold Iches who believed in useful jobs only. The types of jobs the agency did included the building of four big river dams, electrifying the New York-Washington railway, building 50 military airports as well as a new sewage system in Chicago.

The Works Propers Administration was led by Harry Hopkins who believed in creating jobs for the unskilled. Many workers were nicknamed "Boondoggles". Examples of their jobs included the building of 11,000 schools, 70,000km of new roads, the La Guardia airport in New York as well as researching the history of the safety pin.

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