Who Were The Enemies And What Were The Strengths And The Weaknesses Of US President Roosevelt's "New Deal"?


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Roosevelt interfered with the freedom of business and industry. The rich and privileged saw President Roosevelt as a threat to their position and wealth, and disliked the higher taxes imposed on them. Roosevelt had not changed the basic structure of society. The owners of industry still had all the power and wages were still low, according to the Socialist and Communists. In addition, the Alphabet agencies were made illegal.    In the New Deal's defence, the American people were given renewed faith and hope in their country. It saved U.S.A from the threat of revolution and dictatorship. There was some redistribution of wealth and power throughout American society.    Weaknesses of the New Deal included the fact that World War II finally put Americans back to work. Many huge corporations still had immense power despite the New Deal. In addition, support for trade unions among workers caused a great deal of industrial unrest.

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