When Was Theodore Roosevelt President And For How Long?


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Theodore Roosevelt was the twenty sixth American President. He served as President from the 14th of September 1901 to the 4th of March 1909- that is for little over seven years. He was fondly referred to as Teddy by the American Public.

In addition to being the President he was also a former governor of New York, author, naturalist, explorer, soldier and historian. He is always remembered for his larger than life personality, boundless energy, his wide variety of interests and his brand of unadulterated masculinity often likened to a 'cowboy' persona.

Towards the end of his life, Roosevelt suffered from several bouts of illness, but never let them weigh him down. He received many accolades and is the only person ever to be named Chief Scout Citizen by the Boy Scouts of America. When he died in his sleep in 1919 Thomas R. Marshall remarked that death had to have taken him while he was asleep for had he been awake there would definitely have been a fight.

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