What are some examples of afro-asian countries, their beliefs, values and traditions?


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your answer is wrong. I believe that afro asian's are people mixed with asian and african. And it doesnt matter if its black or etc. As long as he or she is a person that lives and a pure born  in the continent africa 

just like Tunisia, it is a country in africa. And when they have company with an asian he or she is an afro asian

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The term "Afro-Asian" (which is also colloquially known as blackanese or blasian) can refer to anyone of mixed black and Asian heritage.

Asian, in this context, is used to describe East and South East Asia).

This ethnic group isn't associated with one particular geolocation, but is rather spread around the globe.

If you're looking for a specific list of countries though, then the following all have significant Afro-Asian populations:

  • Guyana
  • Congo
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Jamaica
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Africa
  • Suriname
  • Trinidad
  • UK
  • US
Afro-Asian culture, values and traditions
The difficulty in trying to associate Afro-Asian ethnicity with a particular culture is that there are many different groups that fall under this category.
In general, Afro-Asian offspring tend to adopt the cultures and traditions associated to the heritage of both their parents combined with the values and customs of the environment they grow up in - much the same way as a child of any race might.
For example, supermodel Naomi Campbell is considered Afro-Asian because her grandparents were part-Chinese and carried the last name "Ming".

However, she was brought up in London, UK - and her traditions and heritage is influenced by her environment and surroundings.
History of the migration also plays an important part in determining the resulting culture.
For example, one group is the Japanese-Katanga who exist as the result of Japanese miners emigrating to the Congo in the '70s.
Other blackasians are the result of "ancient migration" to Latin America, and many are the direct result of various trade routes.
So, perhaps the most accurate answer is that Afro-Asian is an ethnic minority that carries with it traits and traditions from ancestry and modern surrounding to form a fusion of heritage.
There are in fact many fascinating stories to unveil once you start looking into the history of Afro-Asian ethnicity and the migration that made it so.
For example, the story of the Japanese miners that emigrated to the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1970s is one I found both interesting and rather macabre.
Apparently, the workers that arrived in the Congo due to the high demand for cobalt and copper often sought "female comfort" from the local Congolese women - despite having families back home in Japan.
When these women fell pregnant, it is suspected that Japanese doctors and officials went about on a mass poisoning campaign to cause the women to miscarry. They were motivated by the fear of shame that the Afro-Asian babies would bring with them.
In extreme reports, they even went around hunting and killing the children that managed to survive, prompting Congolese women pregnant from their Japanese lovers to retreat to rural areas to bring up their children in safety.
In modern times, the children that managed to survive have formed an association called the Katanga Infanticide Survivors.

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