What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?


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We don't celebrate Thanksgiving as I'm over in England.But for Christmas we go carol singing and then attend church on Christmas Eve.The tree and decorations go up on the first Saturday of December and all the presents go under the tree until Christmas Day.We usually rip them open in the morning right before Christmas lunch,Very traditional, very conservative and I wouldn't change one thing about it !
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Same here,we don't celebrate thanksgiving anymore.just to exspensive with gas prices as high as they are right now. Everyone has their own lives.so basically I sit and watch tv and do yard work or get on the puter.so on and so on.but I am sure that our political leaders are having no problem paying for their thanksgiving and driving to where they have to go to see relatives,friends,family.same for big oil execs.
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Why don't u count your blessings i.e. You have a hm to do yard work in...u have a computer...u r alive.
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Your question was what is your thanksgiving tradition not what i am thankful for. : )

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