What Are Some German Birthday Traditions?


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Birthdays mark the beginning of a new year in a person's life. Birthday celebrations take place in all parts of the world. Some of these, such as lighting candles and cutting the cake have become a tradition in most parts of the world. However, there are certain customs and conventions that are unique to those regions.

In Germany, for example, the birthday candles are left burning the whole day. One of the members of the birthday person, lights the candles on the birthday cake at dawn. There is one candle of each of the years the person has lived and one extra for good luck. These are blown at night before the birthday party begins. The birthday person makes a wish and then tries to blows all the candles at once. It is believed that if all the candles are blown out at one time, the wish of the person would come true.

If a German man turns the age of thirty and does not have a girlfriend, he is made to sweep the stairs of the city hall. His friends throw rubble on the stairs for him to sweep. This is a way to show the girls that the man is single and can clean the house.
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The birthday ring, originating in Germany, is a wonderful way to celebrate and honor your child's early years. The traditional German ring is made of wood and has 12 holes in it. On your child's first birthday, you place a single candle and 11 painted pegs around the ring. You can add a candle to the ring in place of a peg each year until their 12th birthday. (The remaining pegs can be placed in the center of the ring.) This can become a special tradition to look forward to as each birthday comes around.

I saw a lot of different styles of the German Birthday Ring at this site:

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