What Do You Know About The Traditions ,cultures And Econmy Of Pakistan?


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Pakistan is a country rich with traditions. Pakistan has diverse cultures,from Sindhis to Pathans and from Baluchis to Punjabis.

Pakistan is blessed with the oldest of traditions. Respecting elders, keeping one self clean and praying are just some of the many list of traditions that the people of Pakistan have been performing from years over years.

The tradition of men as the bread winners and the women as the house hold wives may well sound bizarre to the western counterparts. But such is the case that has bore fruits.
A knitted family with young respecting the old, with sons and daughters revering their parents and taking care of them is one of the most distinct traditions of Pakistan.
Praying to the almighty with great reverence and as utmost duty add to the list of traditions followed by Pakistanis.

Young Age marriages, for instance, at the age of the 20 for the girls are common and have become a tradition as much as arrange marriages have been. With Arrange marriages being the most successful of living a peaceful and harmonious life,the old traditions have had a higher success rate and are therefore still popular as they were years ago.

With such in-depth culture and resources, Pakistan was expected to enjoy a healthy economy. However, due to irresponsible politicians, corruption and various wars with neighboring India,Pakistan, until recently couldn't boast itself for having an economy that could count it self among the most self sufficient countries. However a turn around has taken place and a sense has prevailed ,since 2002, the economy is on incline.
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Do Pakistan men have two wives
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I like the way the individual has posted this website, It is true Paksitani's do have a lot of traditions and the yd o respect the elders. Pakistani sons and daughters have the respects for their traditios and they do follow them. I am also a Pakistani and i love the traditions and customs even though i live in Canada i still fulfill the traditions of Pakistan. I love Paksitan!
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Well its really up to them however islamically they can have two wives but they have to treat them the same

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