Why Doesn't Pakistan Get Along With India?


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Because of Pakistan's misdeeds and their ever obsession with India to cut it into several pieces.
India doesn't want Pakistan's friendship. Pakistan supports, trains militants and send them across our border and kill our innocent citizens and they call it jihad. It is for the whole world to see which country is doing well now. Pakistan is a terrorist state and India is one the the major economies in the world. So decide for yourself. Well..karma is a bitch.
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One is a Muslim state (Pakistan), India is Hindu.  And, when India achieved it's independence in 1947, the sub continent was broken up into 2 countries, East and West Pakistan and India.  Many people were forced to relocate and there were riots... Many people of both faiths died.
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Because both are enimies .india have occupied kashmir which is a muslim land and belongs to pakistan ,furthermore there have been 3 wars between pakistan and india and  the fourth on kargil.and have made kashmir a army state . India kills thousands of muslims in kashmir and india plants all the bombs that occur in pakistan .who do you think india made its atom bombs for?moreover ,well india doesnot get along with any of its neighbours .
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Actually this is for some political reasons. People of both countries especially People of Punjab province of both countries and People of Sindh of Pakistan and Rajasthan of India are very much connected because of similar culture, traditions, language. There are even inter-country marriages between both countries among Muslims mostly. The main political dispute resulted when four provinces of India got separated up from India and formed a country named Pakistan, under British rule. It was after that, four horrible fights were fought too and reason was supposed to be the Kashmir dispute between both countries.
Relations between India and Pakistan keeps on souring up and then cooling down from time to time. People of both countries(especially the above mentioned provinces' people) wish harmony and have soft corner for each other.
Recently, relations of both countries soured up when there was attack in Mumbai. India blamed it was from Pakistan but Pakistani Goverment made clear that Government wasn't involved in it but it was actually terrorists(which were not supported by Pakistan).
It was also interesting to note that many were blaming American CIA for Mumbai attacks too.
Pakistan was also facing the terrorism problem at that time, especially because of Talibans who have been crossing Afghanistan border and commiting suicide bombing in Pakistan. Recently, Pakistani forces launched Military operations againt Talibans and gained success.
Right now, relations between both countries are again restoring up.

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