What are the subjects contained by the Concurrent List of India?


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There are a total of 47 subjects on the concurrent list in the constitution of India. These items include marriage and divorce, civil procedure, contempt of court and trade unions. Such subjects on the current list can be legislated by both the states of India and the central government itself. In the case of conflict between the two, decisions by the central government will always prevail after a possible period of debate.

  • The Indian constitution and power delegation
The eleventh part of the Indian constitution states how legislative powers are divided between the central Indian government and authorities in various states of India. For the most part, power is divided between the central government and the various states through a list mechanism. Firstly, there is the Union list, which states objects over which the central government has legal control. These issues include: National defense and the armed forces, foreign trade and banking - there are 97 items on the Union list in total.

The second main list is known as the States list. This contains 66 subjects over which state authorities have legislative control. These areas include public order, the police and health and sanitation as well as a range of taxes. The final list in the eleventh part of the Indian constitution is the concurrent list; objects in this list are jointly control by the states and the central government, although the central government bears most of the power. This list system is inspired by the legislative system present in Canada.

  • Is the system successful?
Most critics do believe that for the most part, the listing system works very well in upholding legislation in India. Decisions can be made swiftly by the appropriate parties. However, there is the issue of the concurrent list - some say it is ineffective, as central government ultimately has control over all items in the list. They believe components of this list should be separated into the two main lists.

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