What Is The Influence Of Western Culture In India Today?


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Western culture has affected almost every dimension of society. Each and everything including clothing, fashion, food, media, traditions has been affected by the advent of western culture. The youth prefers to wear western dresses rather than traditional indian dresses. The movies are also now very much inspired by english movies. The advent of McDonals, Dominos etc. Have changed the people eating habbits. The western media is watched by many of the youngsters and people of India. The core religious traditions are still the same but the life style differences can be found because of western culture. Hence we can say that western media has not affected the core traditions of indian society but has changed life style and apparent characteristics of the society.
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Yes, now- a-day we see many students go to pubs and late night parties.is is not good many youngsters got addicted to drugs even
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Our indian culture is totally influenced by western culture. Every person of India has one or other reason how he or she is influenced by the west.
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I think that the western culture is affected by what is been seen the eastern hemishere. Our culture is more like the bad type to theirs and they do not accept us because of our difference.

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