What Is The Difference In Culture Of Pakistan Compared To Culture In England?


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Arun kumar answered
Lots of difference for more info loin to Wikipedia .org
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Tauseef Sheikh answered
Yes, Pakistani culture is totally different from European ones in terms of food, dress, religion and lifestyle like

Food : Pakistani mostly go for spicy stuff like chicken karai, baryani and they love to eat wheat (rotti). While Europeans don't have time to cook these time consuming meals so they simply go for readymade stuff like burgers, pizza, bread and so on.

Dress: Pakistani (men and women) wears shalwar kamiz while European (woman and man) wears pants and shirts. Women also wear skirts and frocks.

Religion: Majority of Pakistanis are Muslims and majority of Europeans are Christians.

Lifestyle: Pakistanis have family oriented (or joint family) life style where people respect their elders but this is not seen in Europe.

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