What Is Meant By Culture And What Contribution Has Pashto Made To Pakistan's Cultural Life?


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Culture means the overall way of life of people. Culture includes language, religion, ideas, dress, customs, codes, institutions, government, law, work of art, morality, rituals, and ceremonies and so on. It covers every aspect of the lives of people in the country. Language is an important part of culture. It binds the people in a cultural unit. Pashto is a common language spoken in NWFP and in some parts of Baluchistan.

Pashto speaking people, the people of NWFP or the Pathans are very hard working, courageous and enterprising. They have made their place in all parts of the country, especially in the big cities. Pashto films are made and screened in cinema houses all over the country. Pashto is becoming popular all over the country. Pashto books are being translated into Urdu and Urdu prose into Pashto.

Pashto music and theatres are becoming popular all over the city, especially in the big cities. Khatak dance and sward dance of Pathans are well appreciated. The Pathans being hard working have dominated motor transport business. A large number of Pathans are working as drivers of trucks, buses and trailers. To serve them, many Pathans have opened hotels, teashops and eating places along big highways all over the country.

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