The history and culture of pakistan (nigel kelly)?


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The History and Culture of Pakistan by Nigel Kelly is a historical reference book, used as a textbook in many history and social studies classes across Pakistan. Outside of Pakistan, it is quite difficult to acquire a copy of this book.

  • Nigel Kelly

Nigel Kelly is a historian and a historical writer who has published over 30 texts so far. The text entitled "The History and Culture of Pakistan" appears to be the only text he has written concerned with this country. However, his publications include works on the crusades, the First and Second World War, black Americans in the 20th century and the Roman Empire. In addition, Kelly has produced encyclopedia-like texts containing information about a vast number of historical figures and events from across the world.

  • The history of Pakistan

There is lots of information on the Internet about the history of Pakistan, on sites such as the Pakistani government heritage website ( and Wikipedia. However, if you are looking for textbooks and historical reference books similar to the one written by Nigel Kelly, there are many options available to you.

Historical works on the history of Pakistan include Pakistan: A Modern History by Ian Talbot, the Idea of Pakistan by Stephen P. Cohen, Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military by Husain Haqqani and Making Sense of Pakistan by Farzana Shaikh.

  • The culture of Pakistan

As with the history of Pakistan, there are lots of websites which contain useful information about the culture of Pakistan. These include the government's ministry of culture website ( and the Wordpress website dedicated to the Pakistani culture (

There are also a wide number of textbooks and other reference books available about the culture of Pakistan. Popular textbooks and references on this topic include Pakistan: The Culture by Carolyn Black, Culture Shock!: Pakistan by Kevin Mittman, Pakistan in a Nutshell by Amanda Roraback and Lonely Planet: Pakistan and the Karakoram Highway by Sarina Singh.

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