What Are The Contributions Of Asian Civilization To The World?


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The Asian continent has contributed so many things to the world that it would literally be impossible to list them all here.

Instead, I'll just mention a couple of the most interesting ones:

Inventions and contributions that Asia gave the world
The Walkman - The chairman of the Japanese company Sony wanted something to listen to his favorite opera music on while he was travelling about.

In 1979, Sony engineer, Nobutoshi Kihara met that challenge by creating the Walkman - a portable cassette player.

Kihara was also responsible for inventing Betamax and digital camcorders.

The Umbrella - was first invented 1,700 years ago in ancient China.

The device then spread to Japan and Korea, before it reaching the rest of the world. Just imagine how wet we'd get every time it rained if it weren't for the invention of the umbrella!

China is also responsible for giving the world the following:

  • Gunpowder
  • Printing
  • Paper
  • Paper money
  • Chinos (nope - they weren't discovered by GAP! The word 'Chino' is a Spanish term that's used to refer to people from China).
Numbers - the numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 were actually invented by Arab mathematicians. In the Middle Ages, they reached Europe through the crusades, trade and colonialism.

In fact, a lot of the mathematical and scientific knowledge that we have today is derived from discoveries and creations that can be traced back to the Islamic empire.
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The four great inventions of ancient China. The feudal period, GDP, standing half the world's (barring the Qing dynasty).

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