Who Are The Mayan Civilization And What Are Their Contributions To The World?


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The Mayan Indians lived -- and still live -- In Central America and southeast Mexico. The ruins of their step (square-shaped and built in terraces) pyramids are a major tourist draw.
The Mayans achieved a very high cultural level, perfecting techniques of architecture, heiroglyphics, astronomy, agriculture, and metallurgy.
Many of the foodstuffs of today (corn, squash, chocolate, tropical fruits, turkeys) were perfected by the Mayans, as was the production of cotton.
Mayan weaving is considered among the finest textiles in history.
Jewellery and weapons made of jade, gold, and silver are outstanding examples of the craft. Unfortunately, most of the jewellery at the time of the Conquest (Coulmbus landed off of the coast of Honduras during his first voyage to the New World) was melted down to finance the economy of Spain.
The Mayans had a complex calendar system based on 13 months in continuous cycles. Outside of the Arabs, they were the only culture to develop the concept of zero. Mayan astronomers made calculations and charted celestial bodies that went undiscovered until the development of high-powered telescopes. How the Mayans did this is unknown.
There are millions of Mayans in the region today. Like so many indigenous people, they are considered outcasts of society, and have suffered greatly during the region's many civil wars.
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They have contributed a lot in society such as making the complex calendars in the world. They also made popcorn by throwing whole corns into flames then taking it out when it pops. Next they are considered one of the greatest architects, craters and weavers in history.
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The Mayans developed an advanced writing system, hieroglyphics, Pok-ta-tok, (a game like basketball) and two different calendars.
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The mayans are a type of one of the oldest indian tribes they would eat gunnia pig and had a war with the aztecs they are well known for their sacrifices to the gods as in they would take a prisoner and cut their heat and brain out to give to the gods the rest was given too the crowd to eat as in the legs and arm and just for your info this was studied in a fifth grade education so you could ask a daughter or a child and I am not trying to be rude but older people I have been around have forgotten this so don't feel alone
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The Mayans contributed many things to the world, such as soccer, chocolate, astronomy and even the number "zero"
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Mayan civilizations existed on American land, a long time ago. They had a lot of knowledge on the universe. They built a mechanical computer to calculate solar and lunar eclipsaes. They built huge pyramids and structures (there are pyramids on American land). There are lots of things to learn about Mayan civilization.
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Duh! They didn't have computers!
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Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mayans and computers? Really? Who would believe that?
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They have built Mechanical Computing devices. The Abacus is an example of mechanical computing devices. But Mayan computing devices were way much advanced than Abacus.
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Not to knowledgeable on them myself, but found some info for you. en.wikipedia.org

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