How Does Culture Influence Personal Identity?


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A person's identity is made up from a range of different environmental influences, and culture certainly plays an important role.

How does culture relate to identity?
Where you grow up, who you spend time with, what your family is like, what you watch on TV, what you learn at school - all of these are things that shape us from a very young age.

All of these factors can, in one way or another, be linked back to culture.

Who we are is based on the people we relate to, the people we spend time with, and the expectations and norms that the society we live in has.

For example, someone living in a society where marriage is an important part of becoming an adult will have a very different cultural view of relationships and rites of passage than someone brought up in an environment where casual relationships are the norm.

Culture influencing identity

The mistake that people often make is that they assume culture automatically dictates personality. This is one of the dangers of stereotypes.

In actual fact, our identities are constantly evolving and - as we become more exposed to different cultures - this has an impact on our personalities and identity.

Cultural identity has a lot to with our need to belong. Everyone needs to feel as if they are accepted and at 'home' with a certain group of people. This makes the link between culture and identity very important.
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Growing up in the city vs the country creates cultural identity (only one example).
Others are religion, regional, and historic like growing up American vs growing up Arabic. 

I have a friend who is Arabic and she loves middle eastern food, even though she is American now, same thing with a Chinese friend.
It influences what you eat and how you might behave or react in certain situations.
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Culture affects the characteristics you have:
  • financial influence
  • life oppurtunities
  • the person you end up marrying

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