What Factors Influence A Person's Identity?


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Our identity, or the way we perceive and express ourselves, is shaped by nearly everything that we do and have experienced. Here are a few of the key factors that influence our identity:

Naturally, the way you’re brought up has a huge impact on who you are. The religious, economic and social standing of your parents is bound to shape you in some way.

For example, even if you reject the religious beliefs of your parents, you’re still shaped by them – it’s because you were raised in this way that you then choose to live life in a different way!

Again, this is down to what you’ve been exposed to – in fact, most things that influence your identity are. Spending your life in Texas is likely to give you a totally different perspective on life to growing up in Stockholm.

Life Experiences
If you’ve been travelling and experienced different cultures, this is bound to have an impact on how you see yourself and what you value in life. Equally, the jobs you take and the schools you attend will also shape you as a person.

Gender and Sexuality
Gender identity obviously has a huge impact on how you see yourself. Regardless of whether you identify with the sex you were born as, gender norms and stereotypes will make a difference to how you perceive yourself – your sexuality will do the same.

Social Group
The people you hang out with and the friends you make will help shape your social identity – a basic example of this is the way high-school cliques are formed.  Teens often group together with those they identify with in terms of music, fashion, activities or personal strengths.
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A person's environment and his surroundings develop his identity and media also influences a person's identity.

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