Why Is India Well Known For Arts And Culture?


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India is a land of a very rich past. It was ruled by the mighty Sultans and greatest kings in the olden days. It was monuments and cultural facts that have come down from different parts of Asia. India is also a land of great diversity. It is a medley of a great many cultures of different states. Each state is a different entity in the sense that they have different histories and culture. For example, if we take dance forms, India had so many classical dance forms. Kathak from North, Kathakali from the East, Bharatnatyam and Kuchipodi from the south. Other than classical, there are many folk dances which belong to different parts of the country. Similarly classical music styles are also quite different. In the north it is Hindustani classical and in the south it is Karnatic music. Not only fine arts, the cooking and eating habits are also quite different in different parts of India. More over if we look at the old monuments of art, the styles are vastly different. We probably will not be able to find another country with such diversity in arts and culture, a country that is so rich in its history. Hence India is respected all over the world today for its arts and culture.
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India is great because india has rich culture. Indians are good hearted unless you behave with them in agood has inspired many countries. Surgery was practised in india since 3000 years ago.indian sages knew ayurveda the medicines and even today it had no side effect on anybody . Yoga which is practised all over the world is given by india. Arts indians have very varying minds that's why they have varying arts. They knew how to crate haste from we all know that india have number of cultures that is why india is so special among so many countries of the is recognised as the different country.

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