What Is The Culture And Tradition Of Punjab (India)?


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There is saying famous for Punjabi's that they eat well and they dress well. The traditional dress of common men is Kurta with long straight cut, then the loose baggy shalwar or pajamas or lungi or Tehmat. In winter Punjabi men's dressed up in color full sweater that is made by their wives or by mothers. By dresses it is impossible to distinguish between Muslim, Hindu or Sikh or christen women. The main reason that we can differentiate them is that, all of them dress up in shalwar kameas; kameas just like loose kurta.

They take duppata of almost 2.5 to 3 meter long. They love to make sweaters and very fond woolen shawls. They are famous for the handicraft which is known as Phul Kari. It is the name of the shawls which is made up of silk with folk motif in jewels is used on it.Panjabi women is very fond of gold. Bride is normally loaded with the gold. A typical kind of bangle is specialty of Sikh women and men they can be recognized by that. Bangle is known as Kada and it is made up of steel. The jewelers of Punjab stock a huge number of styles of bangles, ear rings, necklace, anklets, bracelets and nose pin.

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