My federal electoral district is called?


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Federal Electoral districts are the constituencies or ridings that elect the Members of Parliament who, in turn, play a role in Canada’s House of Commons. In total there are 308 federal ridings, each representing a geographical area of Canada. In order to find out which federal electoral district you are in, you can locate your hometown on this map (, which divides the country by federal electoral districts. Alternatively, you may be able to figure it out by looking at the list of all of the districts, divided first into provinces.  The five biggest provinces in order of seats is Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

All Canadian citizens over the age of 18 and on the voter’s list are eligible to vote in the federal elections. The vote information card that you receive in the post will give you all the information you need to vote on the day, including information about your designated polling station.

The ballots are done secretly so only you see your vote and while you can choose to talk about your vote, no one else has the right to ask about it if you are not comfortable with the discussion. The leader of the party that has won the most seats in the House of Commons is invited to meet the Governor General and form the new government to become the Prime Minister. If the party that is in power won over half of the seats it is a majority government, if not, then a minority government will be established.
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This is a term used in Canada. It is another term for constituency, or area for which one parliamentary representative is responsible. In Canada there are 308 federal electoral districts, and if you click here you can find out their names and other information about the Canadian electoral system.
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Canada has 308 federal electoral districts as of 2004.  Also known as "ridings", these districts are named after the geographical area that they represent.  In 2007 a bill was passed to create 22 new electoral districts: 10 in Ontario, 7 in British Columbia, and 5 in Alberta.  However, following protests in 2008 it was agreed that Ontario would receive 21 new ridings.  The new districts will take effect following the 2011 census and will likely appear in 2014 and then for all subsequent elections. A list of all the canadian electoral districts can be found here:

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