Will You Eat Apples On Christmas Eve? If Not, What Do You Have Traditionally?


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We don't have a traditional fruit in my family.  For some reason, my father is making turkey chili on Christmas eve - I find this very un-Christmassy and a little repulsive.  My mother is in Australia, so I don't have much of a choice.
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No we usally have cranberry apples with lunch christmas day. Usally christmas eve we don't have a big meal. That comes at lunch christmas day wfter we open presents. We have ham,greenbean cassorole, hashbrowncassorole,,pumpkin and pecan pie usally corn or rice.oh yea and the fun part we have the english crackers that we open after the meal. Then comes talk and football
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Sorry, I didn't eat an apple. But it doesn't matter. I was pleased to truly enjoy the christmas eve. :) night shift you know. Lol
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I didn't either.. Just have too much during the ordinary days. Lol
Merry Christmas and happy new year.
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We usually have ham,mashed potatos ,dressing,green bean casserole and for dessert we have pumpkin pie,apple pie,cheesecake,banana pudding with vanilla wafers.It is just somethin that my mom did and my grandma did so it has become tradition.
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Eating an apple is an interesting idea.  It means something special to you but could also have a special meaning to a Christian community.   There is a Chritsmas Carol called "Jesus Christ The Apple Tree".  The meaning is from the idea that man became sinful  when Adam and Eve ate from the apple tree but Jesus Christ came to earth to release us from that sin and open heaven's door.
My husband and I have tradition of drinking champagne when we come home from Midnight Mass at our church.  It is our own celebration of  Christmas.
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The only traditional Christmas Eve food in our family is some of the same snack that we leave for Santa Claus. Possibly that is cookies and milk, or it might be slices of date-nut bread, pumpkin bread, persimmon bread, or whatever other baked goods there may be at Christmas time. (That would be pecan balls this year.) On Christmas morning, we traditionally have "orange and grapefruit stuff", a mix of chunks of fresh orange fruit and grapefruit fruit in its own fresh juice prepared by scooping the fruit out of the skins with a spoon. Sometimes that is made on Christmas Eve and allowed to chill overnight.
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We do not have apples on Christmas Eve, usually we have a light meal of home-made soup, with raw veggies, crackers and dip, and Christmas cookies for dessert.
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Merry Christmas, thanks for your input!
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I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day! We also celebrate Jesus' birthday we sing "Happy Birthday", etc. We try to keep the evening relaxed- watch Christmas movies, eat cookies etc!
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What an interesting thing to do. I nibble on the apples when I am making the apple pie. Does that count? I am making some cranberry torts, and pumpkin pie now, got to make the jellos and stuff tomorrow, and I am making something called popcorn cake. It's made with popcorn, marshmallows and spice drops, very good, my kids love it. Merry Christmas to you.
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I bet the food you made is very delicious!!!!!!
Merry Chritsmas!!!
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The turkey was moist, and the husband stuffed himself, lol, and the pies were delicious. Thank you dear. Hope you had a great day.
No apples for me on Christmas Eve...and my Husband, the chef, cooks a huge dinner  for his entire family.  Though I don't eat much of it as vegetarians don't eat meat...and yes, I'm a vegetarian, so I eat many helpings of mashed potatoes and yams and peas and carrots, too.  Then comes the fun part:  Pumpkin pie with Cool Whip on top...mmmmmmmmmmmmm...♥Nassy
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I don't like to eat too much meat either, I prefer vegetables and fruits.
Merry Christmas!!!
And I wish you the same sweetie pie...♥Nassy
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We don't celebrate it, but I've heard that most people do because of the Adam and Eve story
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On Christmas Eve here we don't do much other then leave out cookies and milk for Santa here in the US and wait for Santa to come.  On New Years Eve we throw money change behind us outside it is a Spanish tradition in Mexico my hubby is hispanic but born here it is supose to bring you money in the upcoming year, etc.  Never did any of this though.  Then on the 3 kings day I think it is the 3rd of January or some thing we leave out our shoes and the 3 kings come and leave us a treat.  Kind of like the Easter bunny.  Never did that this year either.  But maybe next.
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In our bicultural family, the essential thing is togetherness on Christmas Eve. It's imperative to have a nice meal together, whether at home or out, and preferably eat some form of roasted bird. This year, we had quail at a fine restaurant.

Fruits come into play in a few days. In my wife's Piliipino culture, having 13 different fruits in a basket is requisite to New Year's eve. Sometimes it's an adventure just finding 13 different fruits; we did that in an Auchan market in China last year, BTW!

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13 different fruits? Wow!!! That's so interesting!!!!!
新年快乐, bickle!!! Thanks for your answer
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We always have turkey or ham,mashed potatoes,gravy,potatoe salad ,macaroni and cheese ,greenbeans,sweet potatoes cassarole,stuffing,biscuits,deviled eggs,cranberry sauce,and apple pie,so I guess we eat apples on christmas day.when we eat the pie.
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So far I have ate two mcd cheeseburgers, a bag of popcorn, some reeses cups,and now I amd eating whopper king chicken sammich and fries with a diet coke.

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