At the founding, the basic unit of government in the U.S. Was?


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The basic founding of the US Government is thought to have been established around the same time that the country gained independence, so somewhere between 1776 and 1789. This was when a new constitution was written and Federal Government was founded.

The American colonies were originally part of the expansive British Empire, but as the colonies developed, they decided they would rather be their own country and so, declared war in 1775, a year later in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed on the 4th of July, a date that is still celebrated today.

American laws are still based upon the constitution written all that time ago. Three separate governments were created by the constitution, one legislative branch which is responsible for making federal laws and consists of the Congress, an executive branch which contains the president who is responsible for enforcing and administrating the laws, and the judicial branch which gives judicial power to the Supreme Court who interpret and apply the laws.

The US government was initially founded on six principles which are still applied to how we aim to live our lives and run the government today.

1.    Popular Sovereignty - The power of the government lies in the people, it should benefit all of the American people and it should protect them in every way it can.
2.    Limited Government - The government is not above the law and only has its power due to the people, therefore it should respect and follow the laws administered to the people.
3.    Separation of Powers - The government must remain separated into three sections to ensure that there is not one government with too much power.
4.    Checks and Balances - Each section within the government must be aware of what the other sections are doing and approve major decisions.
5.    Judicial Review - Laws must be reviewed by the Supreme Court.
6.    Federalism - The government does not control the whole of the US. State governments have powers to avoid too much power being administered to a limited amount of people.


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