How were renaissance artists like masaccio different in personal style from their medieval predecessors such as giotto?


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  • Masaccio was said to have excellent skills in creating lifelike figures
  • Giotto also used nature to base his figures. It was thought that Giotto was the most prominent artist of his time.
Giotto was known for painting, frescos, and architecture. He was also thought to provide the movement for the Italian Renaissance when it came to artistry. He was one of the first to help contribute to the next generation by offering life like images. He was also able to break away from the cruder Byzantine style.
Masaccio used the linear perspective that Giotto left behind, but he also improved on it with the vanishing point technique, a technique first used in art by Masaccio. It meant that there was a point where the painting would fade away and naturally fade into the background of the image, melding the image of a person better with the background. In other words, he was able to make it even more real in perspective than artists such as Giotto before him.
Perspective, realism, and chiaroscuro techniques were used by Masaccio, which were not around during the era of Giotto. Still, the artists in the Italian Renaissance such as Masaccio based their education on Giotto and used his linear realism. Masaccio had a short life and career, but he was able to move art along further than most other painters of his time.
He was known mostly for painting and frescos. He did not do any work with architecture. He was also influenced by Brunelleschi, Donatello, and Masolino in order to be the greatest painter of his time. Masaccio only lived to 26 years of age.

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