Ladies, would you let friends pie you on your birthday?


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Jane Ward Profile
Jane Ward answered
Heck NO I'm not the type for having to be covered in pie all day. Ruining a nice suit and my make up hair. It takes forever to do my hair and make up  and pie in my hair and face doesn't seem fun seems stupid!!! For my birthday I would rather be with my NORMAL family at home no PIE.
Seffie Jones Profile
Seffie Jones answered
I would accept it.
Ilina Profile
Ilina answered
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Bob C.
Bob C. commented
Alrighty then, Happy Birthday!
Ilina commented
Lol I had to make that dumba++ smiley face because blurtit doesn't allow you to write a capital letter or something.
Jamichael Jamichael
Yes it does
Call me... Alma Profile
Call me... Alma answered
Hahah. Today's my birthday, and I got pushed into a plate of whipped cream. Yumm. I would've rather it be pie.(:
Midnite star Profile
Midnite star answered
1st of all...None of my FRIENDS would ever pie me. If they ever attempted it...they would automatically know that I would get them back even worse. Ha ha.
Getting "Pied" in my face isn't what I call Fun.
Anyway...Y would I want to waste all that perfectly good pie ??
Bailey Zuniga Profile
Bailey Zuniga answered
Nope if they did I would kick them out of my party
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Bob C.
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Your friends sound like trouble makers.
Bailey Zuniga
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Lol some r i mean they get crazy sometimes but im mostly friends with guys cause not much drama involved but if one of my guy friends did that i would have a cat fight
Bailey Zuniga
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Ruth Campbell Profile
Ruth Campbell answered
I think it would be a lot of fun.  And I hope I look especially good that day, because I'd like it videotaped.
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Bob C.
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You know you would!
Bob C.
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If I may, I would like to through the first one dozen pies in your gorgeous face while all your friends and co-workers sing Happy Birthday.
megan clay Profile
megan clay answered
Yeah that would be awesome! I would love to get pie thrown in my face

: )
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Bob C.
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Remember, we're talking all your co-workers and friends. So figure on getting hit with at least 30 or 40 pies. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!
Delores Christine Profile
I will be a waste of time to run and hide. I will just accept my birthday present, a pie on my face. To be done with.
It will also be a stress reliever.
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Bob C.
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Yeah, but who said just one. Everyone in your office would get one, each. And you're right, it would be good stress relief.
Zura Star Profile
Zura Star answered
Yeah, that sound like a blast!  (as long as I got to throw one at them too ^.^)
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
Sure  I Want Some Lemon Pie. Blueberry Pie. And Chocolate Cream Pie.. Some To Wear Some To Throw At The  Guests
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Bob C.
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It's your birthday, you can have whatevr you want!
Annie Devore
Annie Devore commented
I sure would.. But i want to throw
a coconut cream pie
at your white beard too so you can be coco nuts!! Hmmm
Bob C.
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I would love to be pied by you!
Karen Profile
Karen answered
I would be very happy to be pied...doesn't even have to be my birthday!
Rhianne Carew Profile
Rhianne Carew answered
Why not.. Just accept ALL my pies... Then can I go in a dunk tank?
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
I'd let them & tell them if they buy 100 pies I'll match the 100 so they have more fun pieing me Lol!
Chloe Brisco Profile
Chloe Brisco answered
I'd have to say no and if they did I would proably throw them back as it takes me an age to get ready and I don't think I'd like it all to be ruined but meh it would be fun though (:

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