If You Could Witness One Event In History, What Would It Be And Why?


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The assassination of JFK, It is the biggest most significant event of modern times as tragic as it was, but think of being there and knowing that you could alter history by stopping it. And if you mean witness history without knowledge of its outcome, my answer would be sitting on the moon as the Eagle landed, would be awesome just to sit on the moon checking out Earth!  But yes, the lunar landing and first step by Man on the moon.....Wow!!!
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LOL-- my kids think that I'm so old I watched the extinction of the dinosaurs come about. I really would have loved to watch the building of the pyramids, esp the largest one, just to see what their technology for engineering actually was like.
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Moe Pence
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I know where you're coming from! LOL! I love the dinosaur tooth thing!
Max Hiner
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If I could witness any events, I would witness the classical concerts of Mozart, Beethoven, Litz, Bach, and many others.

Also, since i'm a classical guitarist, I would appreciate seeing concerts of the old classical guitarists, like Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, Francisco Tarraga, etc.
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I would like to watch edison with his bulb
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It would be the sermon on the mount with Jesus. I think that what He had to say was so very important, I would have liked to hear it in person to know that He actually said what he said, and to see him say it, His expression as He said it. That would be so awesome.
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That would be awesome! I wish I had thought of that. Can you imagine the charisma that Jesus had?
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A Shakespeare play at the Globe theatre during Shakespeare's time. What were they really like? How would they compare to how they are presented today? There is suggestion that the 'groundlings' who stood make the experience something as a mosh pit at a wrestling match - is that true? I just wonder about the personna of Shakespeare and the real thing. History has such a way of erroding events over time...
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I would want to witness when God created to earth. Id also like to witness the birth of our Lord Jesus and be there on the day he arose from the dead
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I would like to see the towers in new -york 911.I think that would have been Moving. Not the people being hurt are killed.but just how something like that Could happen.. It was of full.
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I would witness the long debated Hindenburg accident, just so I would know the answer.
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I would like to witness WWI and WWII just to see how it felt. I LOVE history I'm 13 I am in a higher level class at school history is like the best! WELL THANX FOR ASKING!
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Penny Kay
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I have often wondered the same thing. The effect of these wars was so earth shaking and the effects of these wars on events today so complete.
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Wow..that's a great question there are so many excellent choices ..but if I had to pick one I would like to witness when The Americas were "discovered"..what were those guys and the natives thinking
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Choices Choices. Jeez..this is hard! Lol, well,  I guess I'd like to see the first Pittsburgh Penguins team being established.. + their first game. I couldn't really pick a serious one because, well, they'd all be so scary! (the ones I thought of, at least)
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I guess the Crucifixion of Christ would be a pretty interest scene to witness.

Not only did I enjoy watching The Passion of the Christ, but I'm also quite interested in early Christianity and the origin of religions - so I think this would be a pretty important event to experience.

And, although the first rule of time travel is "don't mess with the past or you will change things in the future", I wonder what would happen if I took out all the Roman soldiers at Golgotha and freed Jesus from his captors. How would the world be different if Jesus hadn't been crucified that day?

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When that long hair dude got what he deserved at that "Last Stand" thing!
He Massacred a lot of my Kin folks and call us no better than Animals!

Reference: "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee!" by ___ Dee

The Well Documented Indian's account not told in the White Man's Books!
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  The responsibility of changing the past aside, I suppose seeing a Mayan ritual sacrifice would do.  It supposedly last all day and involves some tripy stuff. 

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I am a believer in Christ, so for me, it would be humbling and awe inspiring to witness the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ, in whom the entire world was transformed and given the gift of salvation! The one who defeated death and rose again. Wow.

Secondarily, the creation of the universe, earth, mankind and what life was like back in the perfection of Eden.

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I am young but I would like to have seen them film the movie Twilight.  I am a Twilight fanatic.  I love that movie.  Also High School Musical Movies too.
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The beginning, in doing so, solving all religious conflict and questioning. Be it God, the big bang, etc. This monumental event is something no one can speak on behind evidential evidence, but mere theories. I want the truth. I want to be enlightened.

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