If You Could Live In A Different Time In History, When Would It Be And Why Did You Choose It?


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The 1950's.  Why?  'Cuz I know the 60's are forthcoming......lol!   ♥Nassy
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Jim Witness Protection
I figured you would want to be the head of the recording studio that recorded the first rock and roll record and was told that R n R would never catch on and you would say "Oh. Yeah? Watch me!"
You know me far too well, sweetie...lol...♥Nassy
Glen Thornbury
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Then I could have meet you sooner Nassy! And you could have been on the back of that "K" Model riding into the pits at Daytona drinking Beer with Glenn "Fireball" Roberts who took that scooter around the pits, and came back and handed us a cold beer out of HIS cooler!
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Huh. I never thought about it. I'd have to say I would probably stick with now because I want to see what will unfold. But now I have to ponder this some more...
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Hard one to ask, I love so many periods in time, I definitely want to be with Jesus, so I think that would be one of the times.
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I would have to say i would rather live back in the olden days where people didnt have cell phones and i pods and fancy cars clothes and houses. I was adopted in to a wealthy family and i was raised that if a person doesnt have nice things it means they are lazy and no good. Well it ended up where im 28 and have no job and i live place to place due to my illnesses and keep getn denied disability. Im also a lesbian. So there for my entire family has dis owned me cuz im poor and gay.

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