If you could travel back in time, and live in any era, which would you choose, and in which country?


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I'd love to travel back in time and get some answers to things that remain unknown. It would also be pretty cool to witness some monumental history book events in real-life.

Picking one specific place and point in time would be tough, so here's a list of 5 places and eras I'd like to visit:

Rome, Capital of the Roman Empire - March 15, 44 BC

This is the date that Julius Caesar was assassinated, so I'd probably drop by the forum and try to convince him to call in sick that day.

Although Caesar notoriously ignored warnings about "the ides of March", I'd offer him a stab-proof vest to wear under his toga anyway.

I love Ancient Roman culture - so whilst I'm in town I'd probably watch a few gladiator fights, enjoy a soak in the public baths, drink some wine and drop by for a feast or two.

I'd also visit some Amphitheatres, and maybe even check out a few temples - probably one dedicated to Pan.

Wandering around Rome would be pretty cool. I lived there for a few years, so it'd be fascinating to see what the ruins would have looked like in their full glory.

Jerusalem - 33 AD

If you could go back in time, who wouldn't want to go and pay a visit to Jesus and clear a few things up?

The Last Supper is thought to have been eaten on a Wednesday night in 33 AD, and although the party was probably quite exclusive, it would have been very interesting to catch a glimpse of what was going on.

I'd have my questions written down in advance though, because knowing me - I'd probably forget half the things I'd wanted to ask as soon as I step out of my time machine!

Iznik, Turkey - 325 AD

In Hellenic times, Iznik would have been known as Nicaea - a town made famous by the first and second councils of Nicaea.

It is believed that many "decisions" regarding the Biblical canon and its interpretation were made at these conventions of Bishops, ordered by the Holy Roman Emperor Constantine I.

Arriving at this place and point in history would also mean I'd also be able to attend several other important early-Christian councils, and be privy to the politics of the time, and the influence it may have had on the way religion is perceived and practiced today.

Whitechapel, London - 1888

This area of London was made famous by Jack the Ripper, a gruesome serial-killer who slit the throats of several prostitutes, before mutilating their corpses. He was never caught, and his identity remains a mystery to this day!

If I could go back and visit the murder scenes, I'd bring my CSI briefcase full of the latest crime detection technology. Once I'd helped the police catch Jack, I'd treat myself to some London Gin at a local tavern.

Berlin, Germany - 1919

This period of history would be interesting to visit for a number of reasons.

I'm a big fan of the art and music that was coming out of the Weimar Republic during this time, but 1919 also saw the end of the "German Revolution" - and a period of political instability that saw the rise of national socialism and the Nazi party.

Although it might be an ambitious task to squeeze in between the absinthe drinking and cabaret parties hosted by Anita Berber, I'd try and have some influence on the political landscape.

I'd advise President Hindenberg not to appoint Adolf Hitler as chancellor (they didn't get on anyway), and I'd probably try and assassinate a few key Nazi figures too.

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There are plenty of times and places I'd like to visit if I had a time machine - and I'm not talking about the type you have on a Mac (the 'enter time machine' button always disappoints me - for some reason I can only go back several months, not several decades!)

The Lost Generation - Paris in the 1920s

I'd love to visit Paris in the 1920s and socialise with the 'lost generation—the likes of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Earnest Hemingway (probably wouldn't be very cheerful, but to me there's something very romantic about that place and time).

That literary scene really appeals to me and although I wouldn't want to stay there for good, I wouldn't mind attending a party or two and see if I could pick up any tips!

The Beat Generation - America in the 1950s

I would love to, at the least, be a fly on the wall for this - watching or hanging out with William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, and Allen Ginsberg sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

It was probably quite bleak in reality, though, so again, a time machine would be brilliant - I could just hop to another era when I'd had enough.

Berlin in the 1970s

I'll admit, I'd mainly want to visit this place and time period just so I could be around David Bowie when he was on top form. It'd be an experience, if nothing else!

Ancient Greece

I love Greek mythology. It's incredibly epic (and not in the overused sense of the word), and I think it'd be fascinating to see what was going on back then. Besides, ancient Greek architecture is beautiful.

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