What Colors For 50th Birthday?


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Popular colours for a 50th birthday are gold, silver, red and/or purple.
Fifty is often called your ‘golden age.’ Therefore, using gold as your primary colour for decorating your birthday party would be ideal. You could use golden plates, silverware and champagne glasses for snacks and meals. You could also use gold banners and tablecloths to have a golden theme present throughout your party venue. Candies that are wrapped in pretty golden wrappers could be placed at each table as well.
Silver can be used as the complementary colour for your golden coloured party theme. For example, you could outline any golden letters with silver or even use as wording set against any golden backdrop. If you are having a cake, you could decorate one in silver. Additionally, wearing silver to the 50th birthday celebration will be very elegant.   
Decorating your party venue with different shades of red will make a bold and eye-catching addition to the decorations. Use flowers such as lilies and roses that are deep red throughout or use them as centrepieces. You could have a Hollywood style theme for your 50th birthday party by laying down a vibrant red carpet. Red adds a brilliant splash of colour for trimmings placed around the venue for extra fun and pop. The sensual colour of red can add ambience to evening parties.
Purple can be a sophisticated yet fun colour for 50th birthday decorations. Choosing shades of light purples and deep purples will create unique decorations. If you want to use purple for the main theme, you could use purple decorations, flowers and baked goods to emphasize your theme. You could also distribute purple glasses and party hats for extra fun. Lastly, you could place some purple faux jewels along the tables for some sparkly additions to your 50th party.
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In my opinion, you should fill the hallway with 11” balloons to match in turquoise, blue, yellow and pink along with strings of the same color hanging down. It will look awesome.

Moreover you should make it a golden party theme as its your 50th birthday and you have reached a milestone. The guests should also wear golden theme clothes and the atmosphere should be rocking.
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You can throw a Hollywood Theme Party or Mardy Grass Theme Party.
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I think red not sure sorry purple Plz rate this helpful if it helped because I LOVE helping people

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